Happy Friendship Day

A Best Friend!
A friend that really cares,
All my secrets I can share!
There when i need a hand!
There to understand!
When I cry,
She will hold!
If I am away,
She will call me day by day!
If I need her at all,
She'll be there to stand tall!
Anything I say will be heard,
She will listen word by word!
If I am late,
She will open the gate!
As she looks in my eyes,
The sparkle she realizes!
She is the one that cares,
And the one that's there!
That's a best Friend!!

Happy Friendship Day


One of my Designs in smashingmagazine

I designed the ushops with my team in Magnet Technologies is listed in smashingmagazine.

Ashok Suthar was my team leader at that time and we both worked for this design and today I really feel top of the world seeing my efforts are appriciated by smashingmagazine.

My heartiest congratulations to Ashok Suthar and all the designer at my time in Magnet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Its really a great news for me.

Thanks once again smashingmagazine.


Cann't we do anything for this ?

One of my office mates send me these pictures after that I thought, Cann't we do anything for this ?

Yes, only we can do. From today I will save 1% of my income every month to help others , I know this is a very small amount but if we all do the same we can atleast make noone sleep houngry.

I request you all to do the same.


Handling negative thoughts

Do you find yourself forcing a brittle smile and staring awkwardly when someone tells you about their achievements? Does your heart do triple flips when a friend is catapulted into the limelight? here is how you can handle those negative emotions:
  • Compare yourself only with your own achievements. Charter your growth by contrasting your present quality of living with your past, not someone else’s.
  • Psychologists feel that envious people often lose their own dynamism by conveting opportunities that fall into other people’s laps. Be focused in the pursuit of your goals. Go only after those dreams that are important to you and do not let someone else’s success sway you from your own path.
  • if your are feeling envious of a close friend or relative, list the qualities they possess that attracted your attention. Reflect on how you can acquire those characteristics as well. What steps would you take? Not only will this transform your own personality, but your jealousy too will disintegrate.
  • Build your self-confidence. Attend etiquette classes, make new friends and engage in a an exctiting hobby you love. If you embark on a continual process of self-discovery. you will neither have the time nor inclination to be envious of others.
  • Look at an isssue from all perspectives and understand what really triggers your enthusiasm. For instance, you might admire working women, but would you actually be happy stepping into their shoes? They sacrifice their leisure time with long hours at the office and are possibly dead tired and unable to spend enough time with their own children. Understand your own needs in depth. Look beyound the surface gloss of every issue and you will find that, sometimes, your envy may be unwarranted.
  • Interact with people less fortunate than yourself. You will learn to appreciate your own blessings. If there always seems to be someone better off than you, ,remember, there are plenty in worse situations too. As the saying goes, ‘I wept because I had no shoes, until i saw a man with no feet.’
Reference Ajay's blog